3D Printing in the Construction Industry


3D printing is growing in popularity and the realization that it can be used to create a variety of objects has become obvious to many. Although, the construction industry isn’t known for its ability to adapt to new technology and innovations, the 3D printer could have an impact on the industry. This technology could potentially correct  gaps and ease aches that are currently present within the building and construction industry.

These printers are already being used to create 3D models, prototypes and small building components like bricks and decorative pieces. While the 3D printing products are relatively cheap the equipment itself remains at a higher price. For this technology to be fully adopted by construction companies in the industry the pricing will need to be lowered significantly.

Considering these pros and cons of the technology, it is apparent that the technology will take longer than expected to be fully adopted into the industry. However, it might me more efficient to use it for small projects like creating architectural models needed to display certain projects.

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