4 Terms Your Project Manager Might Use

Have you just hired a project manager to help you with a commercial renovation? When giving you updates on your renovation, a project manager might use specific terms that you might not understand at first. Here are a few terms that you should learn and understand before you start working with your project manager.

Target Date

Time is a very important factor for a project manager, as everything must be delivered on time for the project to go smoothly. Target date is a term used amongst suppliers and contractors to keep them on track for when their part of the project should be completed by. It can also be used as an overall term to state the projected end date for the project to be completed completely.

Red Flags

It is key to understanding this term because if it is used there might be something going wrong with your project. The term red flag is used by project managers as a metaphor to signal a sign of some particular problem that might require important attention. When this term is used it’s all hands on deck to resolve the issue.

Critical Path

When you are getting the run down of your project from your project manager they might use the term critical path. This term explains the necessary path everyone must take to ensure the project is done correctly. It is often used to describe the execution of numerous processes that must happen in order for the project to come to a close.


This term can be used to describe a variety of items used for a project. A project manager would use this term when they are listing out necessary items they will need for the project. Some things that can fall under the category of resources are: capital, people, equipment, space and even time. Without the right resources, a project can possibly fall short.


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