5 Office Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid

The type of office interior a company has can determine overall employee job satisfaction. We’ve put together 5 office renovation mistakes you should avoid to make sure your employees are happy and motivated to work.

Small Office Space

If your office space is limited, space management and planning will need to be done to make sure your employees have enough space to work comfortably. Cramming your employees closer together in a small space doesn’t mean that it will make them communicate easier, it will only frustrate them and cause the opposite. There are a few ways you can maximize space in your office, renovating and remodelling the layout is one of those!

No Natural Light

Natural light is something that is often neglected in office design, which can bring a negative impact on the productivity of employees. Companies that have offices with no natural light will most likely have unhappy and uncomfortable environments for their employees. Placing windows throughout the building can boost employee morale and keep your employees working hard all day long.

No Common Spaces

Common spaces should always be included in an office space layout. You can create a living room atmosphere with couches and coffee tables for your employees to take a break or host clients for casual meetings. This space can break up your employees cubicle area and make the space seem more interesting and comfortable.

Lacking Storage Space

Having too much stuff around your employees can cause stress and less productivity. It’s important to have enough storage for extra items you want to conceal or hide. When you are planning your office renovation, make sure you think about storage space and how accessible the space will be for employees.  Minimalism can keep your employees more productive and focused on the tasks at hand.

Sad Kitchen Area

Employees are already working a full day, so it’s important to have a bright and pleasant kitchen area for them to use. This is a space for employees to interact and enjoy their break time. It should also be well equipped for your employees to be able to make food for themselves. This is another way to keep your employees happy and enjoying their overall time at work.

Renovating your office can be a tough process for a company and it might be best to consult a professional. Argue Construction can help you with your office renovation. Contact us to find out more about our services!

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