5 Phases of Project Management

Project management can be defined as the process that includes knowledge, skills and techniques to meet the requirements of a construction project from start to finish. The process of project management through the use of directing and controlling can be broken down into 5 phases. The following are the 5 phases of project management:

  1. Conception – At this stage the idea for a project will come about and it will be determined whether or not it’s a good idea. During this phase a team will determine whether or not the project can realistically be completed and the benefit it will have for the company or group.
  2. Planning – This step is where the entire plan for the project will be put into place. A project plan can be put into writing and can include the scope of the project, the budget, schedule and the resources needed. The team will gather all this information and put it into writing so that all groups involved in the project will understand each part.
  3. Execution – This step is where the project will actually begin and the project manager will their the reins. Tasks and resources will be distributed to all parties and everyone will be made aware of what they will be doing and at what time.
  4. Control – Project managers will track and go over the progress of the project and see how things are going. Schedules and tasks might need to be changed during this phase as things might not always go as planned. This is why a project manager is skilled in controlling a project and making sure it is finished.
  5. Closure – When all project tasks are completed and the client is happy with the outcome, an evaluation of the project will be done to make sure everything is wrapped up properly. This is done during the closure phase because there are always new things to learn from different projects.

Hiring a project manager for your next construction project can help you in many ways, like keeping the project on track and within budget. We can help you with your construction project in the Ottawa area. Contact us to learn more about our project management services!


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