5 Questions to Ask a General Contractor Before Hiring Them

Are you planning on renovating a commercial space or building? A general contractor can help you manage your project, but you’ll want to find one that fits your needs and project scope. There are a bunch of different general contractors in Ottawa and you’ll want to ask each one a few questions before you decide on hiring one. Here are a few key questions you should include.

  1. Will you hire subcontractors? – A general contractor will give you an affirmative answer to this question as they usually hire subcontractors to streamline the construction project. However, it’s best for you to ask for a a description of the roles the subcontractors will have in the project so you can understand everything and be informed. You’ll also want to keep a record of who is going to be working on the project and be in and out of your building.
  2. Can you provide me examples of past projects or a list of past clients? – If the contractor you are talking to is a reputable one, they won’t hesitate to give you photos of past projects and/or a list of past clients you can chat with about their services. You’ll want to do everything in your power to find out how they work, so chatting with previous clients can help you do this.
  3. Can you send me a copy of your insurance policy? – You should take a look and understand their insurance policy before hiring them. The type of insurance they provide will play a large role on your project, so you’ll want to be informed and see if it fits with your needs. You’ll also want to make sure their policy includes worker’s compensation because you don’t want to be the one stuck with those charges in case something happens.
  4. Have you worked on projects similar to mine? – You should always hire a general contractor that works on projects that are very similar to yours. That way they are experienced in that field and will understand your project completely. You don’t want something going wrong and your project not being managed or done well in the end. Ask your contractor about their specialization and past projects they’ve worked on to get a better understand on what they excel in.
  5. Are you licensed? – Before you even think about hiring a general contractor, you need to find one that is licensed. This way you can make sure they have a good reputation and aren’t involved in any bad practices prior to working on your project.

At Argue Construction, we offer general contractor services to the Ottawa and surrounding area. We understand that our clients want to find the best contractor for their project’s needs. If you have any questions for us prior to a project starting, please let us know!

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