A Few Reasons to Consider Steel

We’re often asked what material(s) to build in the Ottawa/Stittsville/Carp area.  While we’re adept at building with many materials, we recommend looking strongly at steel for your next project.  With steel buildings come many benefits, including:

Economic Advantages of Steel Buildings
With one of the highest strength to weight ratios of all building materials, steel delivers greater flexibility for your Ottawa/Stittsville/Carp building project. Steel frames can span wider distances and create larger open spaces for layout flexibility, reducing spans in steel buildings and the number of footings and labor required, reducing construction costs.

Design of Steel Buildings
While steel works great on its own – it also works well in combination with other materials including glass, brick, stone and concrete, providing a wide variety of aesthetic design options.  With the change in climate (and harsh climate) in Ottawa/Stittsville/Carp, steel buildings are specifically designed to meet the seismic, snow and wind loads required by the building code. Steel building components are manufactured to precise and uniform shapes with consistent quality and exacting tolerances.

Environmental Advantages of Steel Buildings
To help reduce energy, we can help by incorporating an RTS system that consists of blanket insulation sandwiched between two steel panels. The interlocking design of insulated panels eliminates thermal breaks and creates an integrated system providing strength, thermal efficiency and attractiveness.

Additionally, steel is virtually 100% recyclable with high scrap value so it doesn’t end up in landfills like other construction materials.

Health and Safety of Steel Buildings
Steel is non-combustible and will not add fuel to a fire. It does not rot and is impermeable to termites, insects and rodents. Oh.. and it doesn’t mold or mildew.

Consider a Robertson Steel Building for your next build.


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