Building Ottawa Commercial Properties For Dummies

Whether you’re going on this journey on your own, or (as we would recommend) hiring an Ottawa commercial general contractor for your new office space, there are some basic steps that need to be accomplished.  Today we offer our own brief overview of these steps.

Purchase or lease the land.
And when you do somake sure the land is zoned commercial. If it is not zoned commercial, you will face many hurdles in getting it zoned that way – look for another spot for your Ottawa-area office space.

Survey the Land.
A survey of your potential Ottawa office space land will reveal any encumbrances that would require special easements or prohibit development.

Develop Your Design.
Argue recommends that your Ottawa general contractor work hand-in-hand with either your architect to design your space, or we can do it in house. No matter who it is, the architect will work closely with you to ensure that your expectations are met.

Hire a Commercial General Contractor.
Find a reputable Ottawa-area commercial contractor like Argue that you feel comfortable with. The contractor should be licensed, bonded, and insured. Within the contract you draw up, have both incentives and penalties to ensure the work is completed as promised. Get a project plan from the Ottawa general contractor that outlines when activities will be completed.

Create a Communications Plan.
Set expectations for receiving weekly updates and reports.  At the same time, develop an understanding for when you will visit your site (regularly) to talk on-site and assess your contractors.


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