Constructing Your Ottawa Building: Prefabricated Steel Buildings

A prefabricated steel building? Is this your best option for a new building in the Ottawa area?

So why would you consider to consider when considering a new building?  As Ottawa’s leading general contractor specializing in construction of steel buildings, Argue has selected Robertson steel buildings.  And with prefabricated steel buildings, you get some obvious benefits just from the perspective of easier construction and maintenance:

Shorter construction time
Get your Ottawa commercial space up and functioning much faster by utilizing Robertson pre-engineered steel building systems. The components are designed and pre-built to be easily assembled. You can literally get a steel building built in days instead of weeks, a few weeks instead of months.

Lower construction costs
As the Robertson system is designed to get your Ottawa steel building up and operational quickly, with components that are quickly assembles on site, you pay less for the construction crew. How much? Often we are able to cut that cost in half with prefabricated steel buildings.

Easily expandable
Just as prefabricated steel buildings are more economical to build, they are also much easier to expand using the Robertson steel building system. Prefabricated steel buildings can be expanded by removing the end or sidewalls, erecting new framework, and adding matching wall and roof panels.

Minimal maintenance
Prefabricated steel buildings need little to no maintenance, and when they do, all you need is some soap and water.

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