Careful When Selecting an Ottawa Commercial Contractor

An insider’s tip on hiring for Ottawa construction and Ottawa general contracting: be careful.  That’s pretty simplistic, but the fact is in the late 2000’s the construction industry lost millions of jobs. Some say commercial general construction may have been the hardest hit sector of the economy. Why does this matter today?  This loss in jobs still impacts the industry as many of the professionals that left the Ottawa construction industry have not come back, creating a shortage of labor. And even more concerning, a shortage of quality Ottawa commercial contracting.

And so as Ottawa commercial construction is bouncing back and on the upswing, clients can become frustrated as they try and find Ottawa commercial contractors who can start and finish projects in a timely manner, not to mention a high quality at a fair price.

Argue is taking steps to ensure that when you are looking for Ottawa construction and Ottawa commercial contracting, you’ll know you can rely on us.

We’re increasing apprenticeships need to increase our Ottawa construction bench.  More and more young people are looking at the opportunities provided in the Ottawa construction industry and we’re thrilled so many are choosing to join our team.

Argue has also recruited the veteran Ottawa commercial contracting professionals that went away back to the Ottawa construction industry. The industries lost management talent (to early retirement) are coming back to leading Ottawa general commercial contractors like Argue.

What does all this mean to you when hiring an Ottawa commercial contractor?  Make sure the firm you hire has a deep bench of professionals that will meet your needs – in terms of price, quality, and timeline.

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