Choosing an Ottawa Commercial General Contractor

Just like you would look for a specialist for the house you want to build, it is important to find the right Ottawa Commercial Building Contractor for your business.

You may one of the lucky few that can find the office space you need, all ready to go… but it you’re like most Ottawa businesses, your Ottawa area commercial space will need at least renovation and perhaps a complete build.  Regardless, there are things that you need to take into consideration when selecting an Ottawa Commercial Building Contractor.

Reputation. Where has the firm you are considering built? Do they have a history of delivering both great commercial space but on time, on budget?

References. Can the .commercial general contractor provide Ottawa references of like size, industry and needs as you have?  Don’t just take the three top references a contractor has – ask for a specific type of  business/reference.

Finances.  Is the company you are hiring a financially solid firm?  A commercial general contractor will have financial records available for evaluation. Credit history, capital and liquidity are all important to help ensure that the contractor is able to buy the materials and pay subcontractors and suppliers.

Insured. Along with sound financial records, make sure that the Ottawa commercial general contractor has insurance. This will protect you if any of the workers are injured while on the job.

The plan. Make sure the building or renovation plan provided by the Ottawa commercial building contractor is one that clearly lays out the scope, plan, duration, and budget. Don’t just select the lowest price – make sure the commercial contractor has a quality level of service and a timely work history that will ensure your plan’s completion.

Compare. Once you have estimates, compare and asses with other general contractors. Looking at the materials they propose , length of time it will take to complete the project, number of people involved in working on the project, and the conditions that the general contractor has will help you decide what contractor you should go with.


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