Common Project Delays a Project Manager Can Help With

Construction projects can often get behind schedule for a variety of different reasons. A project manager can help you stay on track and possibly avoid the following common reasons for construction project delays.

Bad Time Estimates

Time estimating is a critical element or project planning. Often times, inexperienced project managers produce unrealistic time schedules. Having an experienced project manager take care for your project timing will make sure the project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Lack of Finances

Not being able to pay contractors on time or have the right amount of funds for materials can really push a project timeline back. It is key to make sure your project manager is involved in all aspects of the project to make sure it runs smoothly anf finances do not become a large issue.

Predicting Weather

Knowing what the weather predictions are going to be like ahead of time is key to making sure a project gets completed as per the construction schedule. An experienced project manager will know to check weather ahead of time to make appropriate schedule changes and keep the construction moving forward.

Focusing Project Scope

Starting a project with an unclear vision can derail it right from the beginning. It is key to make sure the scope of the project is understood by all staff and having a project manager to keep those goals in place can help the project immensely. Communication from the project manager to all key players within the project is important to have a successful project.

Inadequate Project Tracking

Projects that are not tracked daily can fall behind very quickly. Every aspect about a project should be tracked in real time and monitored carefully. Project managers are here to help with this. They can make sure project tracking is in place and that everything is happening as it should be.

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