Competing With Cyber Shopping

Happy holidays.  But more and more for brick and mortar shopping malls the holidays are not so happy.  We can’t help[ you with this holiday season, but by employing a smart design and savvy commercial general contractor, your mall can compete with dot-com’s.

In order to compete with the simplicity and convenience of online shopping, turn to a commercial general contractor to help you develop a shopping center that will be a destination to provide a positive, memorable experience.

Employing a strategy to provide shoppers with an experience will increase foot traffic and of course sales. Some things you should make sure your contractor builds into your mall that will increase foot traffic should include:

  • Plenty of dining establishments including fine dining, destination establishments.
  • Entertainment space for bowling alleys, arcades, etc.
  • Movie theater… with the bells an whistles.  Movie theaters are increasing their own ticket sales and with it traffic to the mall by upgrading screens and seats as well as dining and drinking establishments within the theater.
  • Create a town centre type feel, bringing ambiance and atmosphere for visitors.

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