Going Green in the Construction Industry


Green construction, also known as sustainable building, is constantly growing and becoming more popular within the construction industry. The process of green building encompasses the building structure and construction processes that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient.

A buildings sustainability is measure by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system used worldwide, which covers design, construction, operation, and maintenance.

Using the Sun

The idea to use the sun began somewhere when the  shortage of fossil fuels had shifted focus to the use of solar energy through solar panels. At first solar panels were used in small quantities because they were very pricey, but as designers and builders began to explore options, solar panels started to take root in the construction industry.

Using Materials

In the construction industry, keeping costs low is often key. Meaning substitutes for certain building products are often used. Speed and cost of construction is what often wins and these two factors do not have green construction in mind. However, the use of biodegradable materials is an important development within the industry. These products are used to help sustainable building become more eco-friendly.

Using Technology

The use of technology within the construction industry can increase the amount of green construction taking place. By using construction tech programs the amount of wasteful paper used can be kept to a minimum. Because the construction industry is one that has been around for centuries, technology is something that will have to be adopted. But once it is, it can have a large impact on the way the construction industry impacts eco-friendly tactics.



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