Green Ottawa Construction: Reusing Materials to Drive Down Costs

When working on an Ottawa construction renovation project, you’ll often come across a number of items and fixtures that are actually reusable. Recycling these materials will to decrease your Ottawa commercial construction costs.

Some materials can also be donated to places like Habitat for Humanity, which then sells the reusable items. Get on board to help green construction – either your own or by helping Habitat. And if you ned a financial reason, these donations are tax deductible.

Argue can help use these materials in either new Ottawa office construction or an office retrofit. Argue knows how many and which materials to recycle from an existing site or office.

Reusing work stations, file cabinets and chairs from your old office will keep down costs – it may not be glamorous, but it is practical.  Focus investment on your Ottawa construction.

Reuse as many materials as possible to not only keep construction costs down, but also have a more sustainable construction project. Often for a nominal cost you can have the existing HVAC systems of any site checked out to confirm their age and condition. The best commercial general contractors can find the right HVAC team to do that job.

Another tip may be using the existing exterior – maybe repainting or staining, but keeping the material structure of your Ottawa office building.   We also kept the exterior brick of our building, but we did stain the bricks, and we retained most of the concrete flooring, but gave it a face lift with a new stain.

Other items you may by able to reuse in your construction retrofit include:

  • Electrical panels and service can be reused or reworked in most construction jobs
  • Bathrooms – the plumbing – may be able to work in their existing locations
  • For a restaurant construction retrofit, often a back-of-house can be used with a facelift.
  • Light fixtures – for one retail construction project, we repurposed a chandelier by finishing it in a different color

Before you go overboard with a complete overhaul of your current space, consult with Argue’s commercial general contractors to see if you can reuse, recycle or repurpose any materials.

Argue can help you get creative and save with your next Ottawa commercial construction project.

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