Hiring the Right Commercial Developer

If you are looking to start a Ottawa commercial building project, there are many considerations you need to weigh when hiring an Ottawa generaI contractor. There is no shortage of Ottawa general contractors to choose from – unfortunately the list of top notch commercial contractors is shorter.

While the general contractor needs to manage people, timelines, etc… beyond the design and build is another critical component – managing the project on budget – and on time.

make sure you screen commercial contractors and find out what there record to these critical components is. Often this will require references.  And when you find the contractor you want to hire, nail down these critical components BEFORE you start.

  • Budget: Understanding the financial realities of the project and if the Ottawa general contractor has experience within this same space.
  • Scope: Your Ottawa general contractor will probably be used to handling a variety of projects.  And at the same time, they probably have things that are assumed and not assumed in their heads… don’t let it stay there, get it on paper.
  • Design: make sure your Ottawa general contractor understands how to position the project to ensure necessary municipal approvals are granted, hire a developer and design/builder that can position and project your image in a way that’s accurate and a benefit to the community.
  • Direct Industry Experience: Whatever the Ottawa general contractor you hire is building, make sure they have experience with the exact type of building you are looking to build.
  • Relationships: A reputable Ottawa general contractor should have an exceptional relationship with town, borough or city personnel to better ensure required township approvals are secured.

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