How an Ottawa Commercial General Contractor Can Save You Money

Yeah summer.  It’s the best time for Ottawa residents and the best of times for Ottawa construction.  Why for Ottawa construction? Because demand is high and the weather is conducive to building.  So anyone who has ever taken Econ 101 knows that costs rise in direct proportion with demand.  So as an Ottawa commercial general contractor, Argue wants to provide you with some cost-saving methods to drive down construction prices.

The best commercial general contractors should follow these to help you to control escalating costs.

Pay for talent and architects. The one area where planning can literally save you thousands if not millions.  Don’t take “low did” architecture quotes because that will most certainly bite you in the form of a missed detail. Poor planning can really impact the construction and Ottawa general contracting phase.

Design Build Firms. Using Ottawa general contractors like Argue, who provide both design and build services mitigates your risk.  If the design/build firm makes a miscalculation or misjudgment on the design phase, it is on them, not you. The best Ottawa general contractors don’t ever want to say something is out of scope or have to ask for more money – so they design to prevent these costs.

Recycle and reuse. make sure the Ottawa general contractor know how to use any existing infrastructure it can during retrofits and rehabs. It is always better to evaluate the current condition of major building systems rather than simply ordering new.

Know your wants from your needs. This is really life advice as much as it is a best practice for Ottawa general contracting and construction. Ask for what you want, but also ask for cheaper (without sacrificing quality or safety) alternatives.

Buy domestic when you can. This will save on shipping and time as well as some tax considerations.

Employ off-season commercial construction when possible. What did we say at the top about supply and demand? If your project can be completed during Ottawa winters, chances are pretty good prices will be lower.

Argue would love the chance to talk with you about your next project, no matter the time of year.


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