How Project Managers Start Their Day

A construction project manager occupies a pretty large position with big responsibilities. Their days are usually filled with the project they are working on, including managing those working on the project and making necessary decisions. The most productive time of the day is said to be the morning, meaning it’s the perfect time to get organized and get things moving. Getting your day in order starts from the morning activities, which can help project managers throughout the rest of the day. The follow are a few specific tasks most managers do in the morning at the start of their day.


No matter how busy the day ahead is, most project managers take the time to go through the previous day’s tasks. Reviews every aspect of the project will allow them to gauge if the project is moving forward as expected. This helps them stay organized and up to date on everything to do with the project. A daily performance review allows project managers to be on top of everything and gives them time to think and review the entire project before showing up on the construction site.


The morning is the best time to communicate with people as they are not as busy as they most likely are during the day. Project managers can take this time to call clients and stakeholders and give them project updates. This is also a great time to read and respond to emails as you might not have time later in the day when you are busier. Trying to clear out an entire inbox before moving on from this task is a great goal as it will keep you feeling organized and on top of everything going on with the project.


An organized project manager will know the ins and outs of their projects, which will allow them to better schedule the day’s tasks. Before starting on a project, creating an overall schedule will help the project stay on track. It is also best to take some time in the morning to schedule the daily tasks that you must get done today as well as tasks for your team. This is a step that will just better everyone and keep the entire project and team on track.


On a construction site, there are different departments that all handle different tasks, all leading to the completion of the project. It is key for the project manager to monitor and analyze what each department is working on, which in turn will allow you to keep them on track. By doing this a project manager can see where he needs to re-assign tasks or ad more responsibilities to certain teams.


A project manager never wants to be caught off guard when resources have been depleted. Taking some time in the morning to analyze how the resources were used the previous day will help you avoid this. A daily analysis of resources will keep you informed and aware if certain departments are overusing resources.

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