How Technology is Improving Ottawa Commercial Construction

We all have better computers, smarter cars and of course smarter phones… but did you know that technology is making Ottawa general commercial contractors smarter… or at least more efficient.

In a field where many of the same tried-and-true construction techniques have been used for decades, technology is changing the landscape of Ottawa commercial general contracting in some major ways:

Ottawa general commercial contractors can reduce expenses significantly from the bidding process through work on site with everything at your fingertips on a laptop or tablet. When a client sends us plans, our preconstruction services team can have them uploaded and digitally ‘on the street’ within an hour. And when those bids start coming in from our subs, the take-off process can be much more efficient because we’re working from digital plans. In a business world that has come to expect instant response, that time savings is a huge value to us as well as our clients.

Customer Service
The ability to quickly and easily share construction project information amongst the team and all of the sub-contractors ensures quality and accurate information provided back to our clients. Make sure your Ottawa general commercial contractors provides weekly progress reports – because today’s technology makes it possible. Having everything in our systems provides a real level of transparency and accountability that our clients appreciate. Plus, it streamlines all communication on a project and simply lets us do our job better.

Job Site Tools
Today’s Ottawa construction job site is a significantly different than just a few years ago. Our Ottawa general commercial contractors are using technology and apps for daily construction reporting, sharing photos and scheduling look-aheads. We’re also seeing the impact of exciting new developments like BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, which gives us a 3-D picture of everything going on in a job site to better anticipate construction conflicts and issues.

Argue is working to stay ahead of the curve and ultimately use technology to make us the best Ottawa general commercial contractor while making it easier for clients to do business with us.

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