Is technology changing the construction industry?

With new types of technology constantly being adopted into workforce to simplify tasks, the construction industry has had to follow suit. Here are a few ways technology is changing the game and paving the way for a more connected future in the construction industry:

Mobile Devices & Apps

One of the most popular types of technology that has been widely adopted is the use of mobiles devices and the apps available on them. These allow workers to easily access and share emails, documents and projects. There are a variety of apps available to workers to simplify everyday tasks they are faced with.


These can be used to collect information (photos and videos) in locations that are hard for humans to access. In the construction industry, drones can help with site inspections and assessments, and to see progress of project. These devices can be controlled through a mobile device, allowing for easy manipulation.


The construction industry has a wide use for wearable technology. For example, smart glasses and hardhats, which can provide a mixed reality experience for workers. Other wearables, like smart watches and health trackers are being used by workers more often now to monitor body motions for productivity rates and safety.

Smart Buildings

These types of buildings use technology to stay connected to building systems, people and the their environment. Their air conditioning, heating, ventilation, lighting and security systems can all be automated. Using sensors and other devices the building can collect specific data, which allows it to manage these functions.


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