Keys to Finishing an Ottawa Commercial Construction Project on Time

With Ottawa commercial construction projects large and small, there is very often a hard deadline and not just a “target” deadline for Ottawa construction to be completed.  For Argue’s wide variety of commercial clients, hitting a hard deadline is all about the bottom line.  For any commercial construction project, regardless of the sector, every day the commercial space is not open means lost revenue. As an Ottawa Commercial General Contractor, we understand just how important meeting deadlines is as we work as efficiently as possible so we can complete projects on deadline. Here’s some advice to make sure your Ottawa commercial construction project runs smoothly.

  • Engage Early. Bring your Ottawa Commercial General Contractor in early-on in the process to help ensure you are setting realistic and achievable dates. When Argue works with a client on a design-assist or design-build basis, where we are providing input and advice from day one, we can help build a construction schedule based on your desired opening date and make sure the timeline is realistic for the needs of the developer, contractor, operations team, landlord and tenants. An important part of this is planning for important construction milestones that must happen in order for the next step in the process to begin and for your Ottawa commercial space to open.
  • Avoid budgeting blocks. One of the biggest time-sucks and roadblocks to hitting an Ottawa construction completion target can come at the very beginning of the project. No one would tell you to not be cost conscious, but there is a saying, “penny wise, pound foolish.” Only you know what it costs for your commercial facility to either not be open or delayed, so weigh that against round after round of budget revisions. This back and forth can cause huge delays before construction even begins. If you use design-build or design assist with Argue, we collaborate with the developer and design team early on to nail the budget from the start.
  • Clear communication. Once construction begins, clear communication and scheduling on the job site and among all the players on a project is critical to hitting the completion date. As the prime Ottawa Commercial General Contractor on a multi-use development, it is our responsibility to communicate when work is going to happen that impacts things like construction material delivery, debris removal or site access, so it doesn’t delay the work of other subcontractors or tenants’ interior construction crews. Technology has made the job of sharing schedule information for a large-scale project easier than ever.

Another way to help ensure your Ottawa commercial construction stays on track and on budget, give Argue a try!

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