Location, Location – Picking the Spot For Your Ottawa Business Space

You’ve got a lot of options for your business in the Ottawa area.  Narrowing down those options are something you can do on your own or lean on a Ottawa commercial general contractor like Argue to assist with the process.

There are a myriad of techniques to make your search go smoothly. The first step?  We would suggest that you first narrow down your options and settle on a general area or community where you want to locate. Once you have that, you can look for a facility that’s move-in ready, renovate. or buy a plot of land and build for yourself. Unless you are a true expert in acquiring business properties or land, you really should consult with a commercial real estate agent. As finding an acceptable piece of commercial property is more difficult than finding a residential property, your need for a buyer’s agent is usually greater for commercial properties.  Once you’ve selected your space, unless it is move-in ready, don’t sign without speaking with an Ottawa general contractor.

You will need to see and evaluate several properties to get a grasp on what’s available as well as avoid making a costly mistake. Only by visiting many properties, narrowing the options down, and then revisiting them can you get a good picture of the right space… and if you need to build the new Ottawa commercial space from scratch.

When visiting potential Ottawa commercial space, come up with some sort of scoring system and rate your space on a variety of metrics.   An Ottawa general contractor like Argue can help develop a scoring matrix for when you’re ready to embark on your search.  Be objective when searching, balance all of your criteria, and pick a space with the ability to grow with you.  Keep in mind you may find the perfect space – perfect with renovation.  Argue would be happy to consult up front to help determine if commercial space with potential can become your ideal spot with some renovations.


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