Ottawa Commercial Construction: A Look Back to 2014

Everyone loves lists – and to look back.  That includes ourselves as we look back on some trends in the Ottawa commercial building industry this past year.  As an Ottawa generaI contractor, Argue has a firm grasp of what’s been happening with Ottawa commercial construction, so let’s take a look…

More Ground-Up Construction
While the trend has been with commercial construction renovation work, 2014 saw more Ottawa ground-up construction than previous years. Led by the restauranteurs due to the improving economy, new projects are breaking ground across North America.

Retail Slowing
Not surprisingly, as online shopping continues to grow, the need for Ottawa commercial construction in the retail sector continues to diminish. When stores do open, they are typically taking smaller space.

Shopping Mall Renovation
Naturally, as brick and mortar shopping establishments strive to compete, Ottawa commercial construction is having a mini-boom with some renovation in the mall sector.

Low – Labor Shortage
Some Ottawa commercial contractors are facing a labour shortage – fortunately Argue is not in that position.  If you have a project in the offing, make sure the staff is there to complete your Ottawa commercial space.

Argue would like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year… and if building Ottawa commercial space is on your agenda in the coming year, we hope you consider reaching out to us.


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