Ottawa Commercial Construction Highs and Lows for 2015

The Ottawa commercial construction business boomed in 2015, and with it, so did Argue’s general contracting services.  Our overall volume of work increased, encouraging signs for the Ottawa economy. There were more larger construction jobs including ground-up construction projects. Thanks to the clients who put their trust in us, we’ve been growing a good deal in areas that include industrial buildings, flagship stores and high-end restaurant construction and hospitality work.

While commercial and restaurant Ottawa construction is doing well, retail construction remains low. Stores simply aren’t building like they used to. And according to a survey by the National Retail Federation, more people shopped online than in-store over the busy 2015 Thanksgiving weekend, clearly illustrating the challenges traditional retailers face.

While less “ground up” construction is happening, retail outlets are reconfiguring and remodeling to remain competitive with both each other and the online shopping experience. Smart retailers also know they need both an online and a bricks-and-mortar presence to be successful, and those who have developed this strategy are reaping the rewards. In fact, a big trend in 2015 was online-only retailers opening physical storefronts, something we think we’ll see much more of in the year ahead.

One downside of this increased Ottawa commercial construction lies with the basics of supply and demand – many general contractors are stretched too thin.  Fortunately, we’re staffed to handle the ups and are able to continue to deliver on-time, on-budget.

Happy Holidays to all of you… let’s make 2016 even better!

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