Ottawa Construction Management: More Reasons Jobs Go Over Budget

The other day we went through some of the most common reasons an Ottawa construction management project goes over budget (and how Argue mitigates them).  We’ve had several questions about other causes, so here are other issues Argue makes sure are reviewed before we submit an estimate for an Ottawa construction management project.

  • Incomplete plans and specifications: Argue makes sure your Ottawa construction management project plans are specific and thorough so that we and our sub-contractors bid accurately, the first time.
  • Unknowns: Material costs, things that have not been decided, changing minds, etc. can all change your price – if you cannot define everything up front, at least ask for a range for your Ottawa construction management project.
  • Surprises: This happens a lot more with remodeling than a build as problems like rot can literally be uncovered.  There is nothing that you can do to avoid this surprise other than be prepared.
  • Design errors: Argue will either design or review your designs to make sure the plans are right before shovel one hits the ground for your Ottawa construction management project. .

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