Ottawa Construction Project Management is More than a One Person Job

You may picture one person when hiring a commercial construction team, but Ottawa construction project management requires a deep bench of seasoned professionals behind-the-scenes.  There are business roles critical to the success of Ottawa construction project management that you should ask about when hiring a commercial general contracting firm, here are just a few:

The Finance Team
Does the firm have a finance team to aid with Ottawa construction project management or just a bookkeeper – or worse – someone who is simply taking on bookkeeping responsibilities.  The right finance team provides Ottawa construction project management the ability to oversee large and complex Ottawa construction projects. The finance team take care of invoicing, billing, accounts payable and receivable, keeping track of the suppliers and subcontractors, and facilitating project close-out in a timely fashion. With this team in lace to assist with Ottawa construction project management, the Ottawa general contracting firm can focus on what it does best – ensuring the day-to-day running runs smoothly.

Pre-Construction Services
Did you know that pre-construction is actually a separate role in some Ottawa general contracting firms like Argue?  Within the Ottawa construction project management process, upfront work for planning and pricing is a crucial component to set the Ottawa construction project up for success. The professionals provide in-depth knowledge of pricing to make sure that the Ottawa construction project stays on budget. The right pre-construction services team takes a comprehensive approach to pricing and budgeting and can often assist in the design process. Instead of merely providing a one-time pricing function, the pre-construction services team assists with Ottawa construction project management throughout the entire project.

Risk Manager and Safety Officer
It’s in both the client and the Ottawa commercial general contractor’s best interest to make sure that the job site is a safe work environment.  This doesn’t just happen on its own – this part of the Ottawa construction project management process requires both everyone and oversight. Your better, more reputable Ottawa commercial general contracting firms should have a designated risk manager and/or safety officer who ensures construction safety guidelines are being followed. On the job site, the risk manager and/or safety officer makes sure individual subcontractors not only adhere to the safety program, but also submit and follow their own job-specific safety plans.

Completing an Ottawa commercial construction project on time and on budget takes a great team as well as infrastructure to support it.  Argue would love to sit down and tell you about our overall services and Ottawa construction project management that sets us apart from the competition.

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