Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring an Ottawa Commercial General Contractor

In a perfect world every Ottawa general contractor is honest and forthright, but that’s not where we live. Sometimes there could be an Ottawa general contractor who might take advantage of trust or misrepresent themselves.

Most of our competitors are don’t need defending as Ottawa commercial general contractors are an upstanding group of professionals.  BUT, in general there are a few few warning signs that should serve as a red flag if they happen to you, including:

Be on the lookout for general contractors quick to drop fees. This could be a sign that they have overpriced their initial quote so much that you should question their integrity OR they are an Ottawa general contractor willing to cut corners.  As nice as you are, no Ottawa general contractor will do work for you that does not have some sort of margin/upside.  If you force prices down, they will have to cut coers and provide lower quality service.  It is the Ottawa general contractor with integrity that will not lower prices because they don’t want quality to suffer.

Avoid “self-performance” proposal line items. What are these? That’s a good question.  These benefit the Ottawa general contractor, not you. An Ottawa commercial general contractor may be “subbing” tasks to themselves (concrete, masonry, carpentry, etc.) and mark them up significantly.  This is like the grocery store selling milk for a loss so you buy overpriced cereal.  Ask the potential Ottawa general contractor what part(s) of the project will they be doing themselves. If they plan on doing anything, you should make them provide competitive quotes for that work.

Don’t settle for less than transparency. Any Ottawa commercial general contractor should always provide you with a picture of all proposals for all aspects of the work.  The low bid for every aspect of your project, whether you take that or not.  If there is no transparency, there does remain a possibility that there could be kickbacks to the Ottawa general contractor if they choose their buddies.

Most (if not all) Ottawa commercial general contractors are on the up-and-up… but you should keep your eyes open to any possibilities of shadiness. Our policy is pretty simple – do good work and the clients will come.

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