Prefabricated Steel Buildings: Keeping Ottawa Green

Last week we went over the benefits of construction with a prefabricated steel building.   The money you save with Argue serving as your general contractor for your Ottawa commercial building is significant, as are the environmental advantages of a prefabricated metal building.  Some great “green’ reasons to build an Ottawa pre-engineered metal building include:

Energy Efficient Construction
Gathering, manufacturing the materials that will go into your Ottawa commercial space requires a great deal of energy. With a prefabricated steel building, you are using North America’s most recycled material (steel). Rather than using other materials that can leave a substantial eco-footprint, an Ottawa prefabricated steel building comes mostly from recyclable materials. Every bit of North American steel forged contains recycled steel, and is 100% recyclable.

Buildings That Last
You know what else uses our planet’s resources entirely too quickly? Rebuilding. Once you have established your Ottawa pre-engineered steel building, the durability and lifespan of your building materials will prevent a need for rebuild.

Less Pollution
Roberston prefabricated metal buildings, unlike some counterpart building materials, don’t release pollutants,

Energy Efficiency
Whether it appeals to your green sense or your wallet, the fact is, Ottawa prefabricated steel buildings hold in heat and cold (especially around doors, windows, foundation, and roofing) significantly better than other types of construction.


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