Prepping Your Ottawa Commercial Building For Winter

In Ottawa, winter means prepping our Ottawa Commercial Buildings for harsh weather.  As Ottawa’s leading commercial building contractor, Argue would like to share some tips to get your Ottawa Commercial Building ready for winter.

Facilities management of your Ottawa Commercial Building should be easy with the right design/build by an Ottawa commercial contractor like Argue, but here are a few things to take care of in terms of winter maintenance items to watch:

      1. Preventative HVAC Maintenance: While it’s important to maintain an HVAC system on at least a quarterly basis, a few extra steps at this time of year will make sure the system is ready for winter. This includes transitioning into heating mode by making sure reheat coils are clean and dust-free to avoid that unpleasant burn-off smell the first time the system kicks on. To prevent freezing of pipes and disruption to other building systems, make sure your minimum set point is at 68 degrees for ‘unoccupied’ mode.
      2. Winterizing Vacant Spaces: Make sure all vacant spaces in your facility are winterized. One burst pipe in an unoccupied space will not only create a headache for you, but can also spell disaster for your tenants. Bring in temporary heating to run during the coldest weather, and also check that all window and door seals are intact.
      3. Building Envelope Inspection: Exterior cracks, splits and punctures left unaddressed before winter can not only lead to water leaks and increased heating and energy costs, they can also be a gateway for pests seeking warmer conditions. During a building envelope inspection, identify issues with any exterior surface to make sure the building is sealed and energy costs stay low. Ensure pest and bird screens are intact on all vents and penetrations.
      4. Aesthetic Maintenance and Improvements: For retail clients and shopping center owners, fall is the lead-up to their busiest time of year – the holiday shopping season.

Of course, not all maintenance issues can be planned for. Hopefully your Ottawa commercial contractor has a relationship with a facilities management team to help with preventative and scheduled maintenance needs.

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