Reasons Construction Jobs Go Over Budget

Most of us understand the value of what we buy.  Tell me what it will cost, I will make a decision, and if I sign off and buy – don’t blindside me with more charges.

It’s the same with Ottawa construction management – if you have decided on a build or remodel, you want to know how much it will cost, with no surprises.  But why is it that pricing can be so far off with Ottawa construction management?  Here are a few reasons we make sure to mitigate before we give you a final price.

  • Omissions: Things left off an estimate.  Argue asks questions and takes care to be extremely thorough to avoid omissions during the Ottawa construction management process.
  • Erroneous assumptions: Firts off, we know what happens when you assume… and this is the same when it comes to Ottawa construction management. Argue makes sure every assumption is researched and clarified before the final price.
  • Inadequate material allowances: The cost of materials can vary, or one can estimate too little.  We prevent this with buying power that locks prices in while making sure we have all materials in the estimate – we would rather come in lower than too high for your Ottawa construction management project.
  • Custom needs: Argue will let you know up front where variances may occur as each and every Ottawa construction management project is a little different.  Our experience helps us get it right, on budget.

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