Saving on Ottawa Construction with Design-Build

More and more businesses looking to build and contract an Ottawa Commercial General Contractor are looking to engage with firms that are design-build construction firms. In other words, they are not parsing out the work to one firm to design and one to build their Ottawa commercial space – they are looking for a one-stop-shop. The benefits of using anOttawa Commercial General Contractor that is a design-build construction firm are so numerous it is surprising that everyone is not going this way.

  • Collaboration:  Typically Ottawa architects, engineers and commercial general contractors can… have their differences. If you put them all together from day one, you’re able to ensure a harmony in working together and delivering the best Ottawa commercial construction project possible that meets your budget.
  • Subcontractor cooperation: Using an Ottawa Commercial General Contractor that offers design-build mitigates the number of subcontractors and moving pieces to help ensure your commercial construction project is successful, on time and budget.
  • Cost savings: A good design-build Ottawa Commercial General Contractor will be able to see the big picture and recommend the materials that will get the job done for the most affordable rate.
  • Partnership: Rather than just following orders, an Ottawa Commercial General Contractor that offers design-build will work with you from the very beginning to determine the scope, establish a realistic budget and list of wants and needs, and lock in prices on materials and labor for the project.
  • Less hassle. You know what – you don’t want to spend a ton of time organizing multiple parties… do you? When you use anOttawa Commercial General Contractor that provides design/build you have less to manage and you reduce the chances that something will get lost in communication or coordination.

Overall working with Argue, an Ottawa Commercial General design-build contractor will deliver a much smoother development process, generating savings on materials and labor and delivering a quality product backed by experienced, proven subcontractors.


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