Should We Be Closed to Open Space?

A not so new trend in Ottawa Commercial Construction is the concept of “open-office space.”  But what are the pro’s and con’s of this type of layout – and is it for you and your business should you be looking for new Ottawa commercial construction or renovation. Open-office areas can be controversial or embraced, depending on the culture of a business, its nature of business, and its staff.

For many, open offices are considered to be progressive and show how “modern” and collaborative a business is.  These replace the infamous “cubicle farms” with open systems. This type of layout is extremely popular with creative and tech firms alike.

So why are open-offices embraced?  The space enables better communication and cooperation. These office spaces tend to be letter lit without cubicle walls to block sunlight and open space can improve camaraderie. On top of that, businesses can fit more employees in less square footage without incurring cube wall expenses.

Open offices are a great… but there can be pitfalls and challenges.

Open Offices are Noisy
If you are looking at creating new Ottawa office space in an open format, consider that if your business depends on privacy, open offices are not a hood solution. These spaces are also noisy – so if your business requires attention to detail and concentration – building Ottawa commercial with an open office vision is probably not your best choice. Even if noise is not an issue, you should have your Ottawa commercial contractor deliver a design that will offer private work areas and leverage the space to minimize chaos and disruptions.

Shy or Outgoing? 
If you have a lot of introverts on your staff, open-offices can be intimidating and a real turn off. If you still want your Ottawa general contractor to build open-offices and you have this type of employee then you should increase the areas where employees can use private, hoteled work space.  Some people feel stimulated and invigorated by open workspaces, but some people feel overwhelmed by the pressure to socialize. Workers in open offices need an escape: a place where they can focus, a place to make a personal call, a place to rejuvenate.

If you are having your Ottawa commercial general contractor design an open-office space for you make sure the design includes varied seating alternatives and keep circulation areas spacious. And it’s important to find a way to at least give employees a comfortable amount of personal space; the key is doing it without wasting too much real estate.

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