Steel Buildings: Why We Prefer Robertson Building Systems

As a leading Ottawa general contractor specializing in construction of steel buildings, we have a lot of options and experience with metal buildings.  Our experience has led us to recommend a fellow Canadian company’s steel building system, Robertson.  But why?  What makes Robertson steel buildings special and our choice?

Quality Steel Buildings
Our experience with Robertson has yielded unmatched customer satisfaction – for both Argue and our clients. The quality of steel and components provided by this 150-year old company ensures your steel building will stand the test of time.

Faster Occupancy
With Roberston’s experience and variety of components, it is rare that a challenge for materials will arise to delay or slow down construction of your Ottawa steel building. The Robertson system actually saves construction time – driving down your costs for your Ottawa building.

Time Tested and Proven
The steel building systems from Robertson will withstand the harshness of Ottawa weather, over time. Robertson’s client list is a who’s who of industry leaders that trust this system for their steel buildings.

Quality Steel
All Robertson building components are designed and manufactured under quality standard CAN/CSA-A660 in IAS AC472 accredited facilities. Additionally Robertson welding standards are in accordance with CSA Standard W59-03 Welded Steel Construction and American Standard – AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code – Steel. Components are also certified to a variety of Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and Factory Mutual (FM) standards.

We’d love to explore with you whether a steel building is right for you and how Robertson could fill your needs.


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