Step Three in Choosing Your Ottawa Business Space: Function over Form

Previous posts in this series have included looking at a businesses’ facility needs and choosing the right community.  Today’s post looks at the considerations you need to make when choosing, establishing, relocating, or expanding your office space.  Your Ottawa Commercial Building Contractor should take you through a checklist of your functions and how your new space will meet each need, but as a quick guide at how your facility planning needs to look at both form and function.

Efficiency. How will each department or division work together?  What is the most efficient workflow?  And how do you build with this in mind?  Its your building contractor’s job to show you a design that not only wows you – but improves your operations.

Image. You wouldn’t skimp on your website (or would you?).  Your facility will not only be home for your employees, but prospects, clients, and prospective employees.  Make sure your functional space accounts for your client/prospect meetings and helps you land business.

Growth. Hopefully this next move is just a step in your businesses’ continued growth. Choose a space that has options to fit addidtiona; products, employees, etc.  At the very least, have a plan or lease option in hand for future business space expansion.

Cost. the most functional conversation of them all.your contractor for your Ottawa business space should be able to help you manage to a budget and make tough decisions.  Remember, your space should be a source for growing your business, not a financial drain on it.


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