Step Two in Choosing Your Ottawa Business Space: The Community

We started our series on choosing the right business space looking at a businesses’ facility needs.  Today we’ll take a look at a very important component – the community you choose.  Obviously, as an Ottawa business, its likely you want to stay in the area – but there are suburbs, downtown, east side west side, and a myriad of options for your business location.

Your Ottawa Commercial Building Contractor should take you through the pros and cons of each community – be it Argue or someone else. When choosing the area of Ottawa to set roots for your Ottawa business, expand, or relocate, you should consider the following questions:

  • Where is your office currently (assuming you have one) and where to your employees live?
  • Where do you hope to attract talent from? Will your new location be in a community rich with resources including a trained workforce?
  • What type of location (Ottawa or suburbs) best matches with your customers/clients?   If you are an ad firm, you probably want to be downtown.
  • What does your location need in terms of access to necessities including convenient access to the airport and proximity to your partners?
  • Will you count on your presence in a particular location to make a statement about your business to potential employees and customers?

Regardless, where you conduct business should contribute to your profitability, rather than detract from it. Dig into your proposed community and see what kinds of incentives there are available to incent your business to locate there.


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