The Design Build Process Explained

The design build process is a more simple construction delivery method that consists of one team working on the project from start to finish.  As described in a previous blog, there are five main phases of the design build process and the following is each design build phase explained.

  1. Selecting a Design Builder – This is where the entire design build process starts. It’s best to shop around and compare companies when trying to pick a design build company. You can start by checking the qualifications of each company as well as any past projects them might have worked on. This will give you a good idea of how they work and what type of projects the excel on. You can also check for reviews from past clients, as you’ll want a company with a good rep and that people had a good experience with.
  2. Pre-Construction – This is a crucial phase of the design build process because it can set the tone for the entire project. This phase includes business and financial assessments where the company you pick will learn about your project, industry, goals, vision and finances. Other types of assessments will also be done during this phase, like architectural, mechanical and electrical. The scope of the project is set during this phase and the creative solutions take shape.
  3. Architectural Design – At this stage, your design build team should have a good understanding of your business, project needs, schedule and cost. This is the one step that is different from normal construction project processes because the design build team includes an architect. During the architectural design process, the construction project is designed completely whether that be through 3D model or plans.
  4. Construction – This phase includes the actual construction of your project. The design build team will get your project started and take care of all the steps throughout this phase. By having one project team, they can deliver a timely build that makes aggressive schedules a reality. You will still have a construction team, specialty subcontractors, material vendors, but the job will get done a lot quicker because everything is a lot more organized and monitored. The team is able to keep your project scope in mind and they will make sure everything gets done quickly.
  5. Post-Construction – Once your project is completed your design build team will provide you with a post-construction handoff to let you know everything went smoothly and conclude the project. This phase includes walk-throughs, instructional videos, hands on training and important documentation handed over for owners and facility managers. Don’t overlook this step as it is a critical step in the entire design build process.

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