The First Step to Choosing Your Ottawa Business Space: Your Facility Needs

If you’re starting to consider moving or establishing a new site for your Ottawa business, there are many steps you will need to go through, including answering the “where” in terms of Ottawa location.  Your Ottawa Commercial Building Contractor should take you through each step – and Argue is highly adept at doing just that. The next few blogs we’ll take a look at the steps, but to get the complete picture, contact Argue for greater details.

There are lots of factors that will contribute to your Ottawa business facility location, all impacting your bottom line.

The layout. How much space do you need?  How many offices?  Conference rooms?  How will you divide a given space to best fit your needs today and tomorrow?

The interior feel. Envision what the space will be in terms of look and feel… what will it say about your business and how will it foster the right environment for your business?

The exterior. The exterior of your Ottawa business says a lot about you.. make sure the impression that it conveys about your business is the right one.

Location. Beyond the actual neighborhood, area of the city, downtown Ottawa or suburbs, the location within each is important… is foot traffic a good or bad thing? Do you want the exposure to hustle and bustle or do you need a more tranquil location? Do you need high energy or tranquility?

Extras. Availability of parking and other amenities not only help to attract employees, but it will keep your employees in the office if its easier to get lunch around the corner.

Next in this series: Choosing the right Ottawa community for your business facility.


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