The Internet of Things and… Your Ottawa Commercial Space

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the “Internet of Things,” whatever that means (we will get to that). But what does this have to to with Ottawa general contracting and building new Ottawa commercial space?  Like it or not – a lot.  A new report by Navigant Research, “Data Integration for Intelligent Buildings,” estimates that revenue from the sale of technologies that help enable Internet of Things (IoT) and other commercial space technologies will increase to $971.3 million in 2025, from $89.9 million in 2016.

First, what are we talking about when we talk about the Internet of Things?  IoT is the term to describe the rapid increase in the number of digitally connected devices. it is said that IoT can generate vast opportunities for those who look to capitalize on this technology.  And of course, these opportunities extend to Ottawa commercial construction.

The Internet of Things means that physical objects, appliances, electronics, etc. are connected through both wireless and wired networks. The Internet of Things will have a big impact on Ottawa commercial buildings. For instance, a “smart” Ottawa commercial building will include a Building Management System (BMS) that can not only explore, but also anticipate the actual need of the occupants of a building including their priorities for light temperatures and several other services and thus resulting in saving of energy using targeted supply. Seriously cool.

There have been many advances made by the building and construction industries in the past few decades targeting enhancement of several elements such as reduced energy savings, reliability, and comfort. Systems deployed in a modern building include occupant and daylight sensing systems, radiant cooling and heating systems and ventilation controlled by demand. Often, these sophisticated devices and equipments are connected through Internet, thus enabling remote activation, making the best use of cloud-based applications. These systems can be precisely controlled by introducing building automation systems that allow direct digital controlling.

The Internet of Things can be as confusing as it is exciting.  Ague can sit down with you to explain what it can mean for your future Ottawa commercial  space and design and build a system as part of our Ottawa commercial general contracting services.


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