The Right Credentials for an Ottawa Commercial General Contractor

When you are looking to hire an Ottawa commercial general contractor, consider all of the paths that your potential suitors haver taken. Many enter the Ottawa commercial construction field boasting a strong formal education, whether it’s a degree in construction management, engineering or architecture, or a related field. And then there are those who take a path working up through the industry, creating a wealth of “real world” knowledge based on years of field experience.

Argue offers Ottawa firms looking for commercial general contracting a rich combination of professionals with diverse background to ensure you get the best of both the ethereal and the real world perspectives.

Are there specific credentials you should look for when selecting an Ottawa general contractor? We would say that no matter the backgrounds of the employees on a prospective Ottawa commercial general contractor, make sure the firm can show you a portfolio of successfully completed projects and a long list of referenceable, satisfied clients. here are few other things to look for:

  • Contractor Licensing – Many municipalities (including Ottawa) require a contractor be licensed. All a license tells you is that this commercial general contractor meets the minimum requirements to obtain one (passing an exam, paying a fee). It’s not a great gauge of a company’s experience or reputation. But not having one is a red flag.
  • LEED or Green Accreditation – The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is a North American (mostly U.S) certification on green building practices. If this is important to you, ask your Ottawa commercial general contractor about LEED or green building practices. about  and the LEED rating system.
  • Safety Training – Meeting safety and training requirements is an important credential for any contractor. If a contractor isn’t making safety a top concern on their own accord, that should be cause for a red flag.
  • One of the things I would recommend you ask a potential Ottawa commercial general contractor is the emphasis they place on learning throughout their entire organization.  We can all get better, and the firms that are always striving for excellence are the ones you want to work with. Construction is continually evolving. Is your contractor eager to implement the newest online platforms and streamlined processes? Are they working with subcontractors to educate them on the best ways to do business together? Are they like that carpenter, always looking for an opportunity to learn something new? If so, then that is probably the most important credential of all.

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