Tips for Expanding your Commercial Office Space

Business owners are eventually faced with the dilemma of deciding how much office space they will need for their business. Often expansion of a current commercial space is the best choice and it is important to understand the entire process completely.

Work with a General Contractor

We can help with this! Having a reliable contractor that can help you with all aspects of your building expansion is key. They can help you understand parts of the process that you may not understand or might not have thought of.

Brainstorming Sessions

Getting others input about the renovation beforehand will help you save money in the long run. Using your employees opinions can help make them feel appreciated and can pose some creative space ideas for your business renovation.


Building expansion is regulated by the local planning board, meaning you will need to know what your zoning options are. You’ll need to figure out which applications to apply for to allow for the building renovation. This is something a General Contractor can help inform you about.

Buildable Area

There are regulations on the buildable area you have to use. If your project goes beyond this you must let neighbouring buildings know.

Floor Space

It is also a good idea to pay attention to floor space and how your employees interact with each other. This will play a big role on your floor area plans.

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