Types of Commercial Renovations

If you aren’t familiar with commercial renovations you might not know what they entail. There are many types of commercial renovations and each has it’s own unique process. In the following blog post we’ve gone over a few of the types of commercial renovations we usually work on.

Retail Store Renovation & Fit Up

Customers are usually attracted by their first impression of your store, which means a retail store renovation should be focused on customer satisfaction. A retail store renovation will focus on a layout that will make it practical for customers to discover products and engage with items in the store. Some of the things included in a retail store renovation are layout, lighting and colour scheme. After all, you want your retail space to be appealing and enjoyable so that customers will continue to come back.

Office Interiors

Office space renovations are meant to rejuvenate and motivate your staff. The look and feel of an office can have a huge impact on employee morale as well as employees reaching their full potential in their work environment. It’s best to customize your office space to your liking so that it reflects your company and employees. No matter the type of office space you have there are always renovations and fit-ups that can be done to take it to the next level.

Ground Up Construction

This type of renovation involves starting a development project from scratch. This could mean you are deciding to build a new commercial building or expanding your business and adding on an extension to an existing building. This type of project is fun because it is completely customizable, which means we can do anything with the building to meet your capacity, workflow and budget needs. You will have a dedicated team that will work with you on the entire process to make sure you get the exact building you dreamt about.

Argue Construction can help you with all of these types of commercial renovations. We have a team of experienced staff ready to take on your project. Contact us to find out more about our services!

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