Why More Ottawa Companies Are Choosing the Design-Assist Model

As we covered last month, we’re big proponents of using an Ottawa Commercial General Contractor who offers design-build construction, meaning that the whole project being handled by a commercial general contractor like Argue. Another trend we are seeing is Ottawa companies choosing the design-assist construction model.

Design-assist is probably best described as “design-build light.”  The commercial contractor still is part of the project from the start, but the business/client remains in control and chooses its preferred architecture and engineering firms. Often this happens because the client is a national retail or restaurant chain with an in-house architect or specific, designated design partner. Other times it could be that a client is particularly protective of its brand standards or simply that they prefer to retain architects they’ve used in the past.

Sometimes you’ll want to hire an Ottawa commercial general contractor before an architect, Specifically, when you need assistance with choosing the right location as well as a financially feasible option.  Then we could work with a client’s architect in a design-assist capacity as plans were finalized.

The benefit of the design-assist model is that during the design process the Ottawa Commercial General Contractor is involved to provide input and consult on all aspects of the project. The benefits to this include:

  • Mitigating cost surprises: because the Ottawa Commercial General Contractor is participating in the design-assist model, its possible to crate a conceptual construction budget parallel to the architect finalizing plans. Clients won’ t be surprised by the cost on a design they absolutely love.
  • Serving specific business needs: With design-assist, the Ottawa Commercial General Contractor is part of the initial design discussions and able to provide value engineering and pricing perspective at every phase.
  • A better process: All projects, including Ottawa construction projects, are more successful when partners involved are collaborative, not  adversarial. Establishing a team early and seeking input from each partner at each stage of the process can foster effective collaboration for the Ottawa construction project.

Argue makes a point to be flexible and meet each client’s specific needs, whether it be design-build, design-assist, or simply Ottawa construction. If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call or drop us an email to discuss.

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