Work With An Ottawa Design-Build Firm and Save Money

For many of Argue’s Ottawa general contracting projects, we are finding our design-build services gaining popularity as a preferred practice. There are a ton of benefits for working with design-build Ottawa general contractors for commercial construction, including:

Ottawa Construction Harmony
It should not come as a shock to hear that architects/engineers and their counterparts that undertake Ottawa general contractor projects don’t always agree. Because they each have their own agendas, coordination and efficiencies can be lost. A reputable design-build Ottawa general contracting firm can eliminate these challenges by bringing everything under one roof.  Time is literally money in the Ottawa construction game and using one design-build firm saves both.

Financial Savings
Using a design-build firm for your Ottawa general cotracting puts you both on the same footing – striving to control costs without sacrificing quality (typically you will see a profit share system if the project comes in under budget).

Partnership & Responsibility 
Instead of trying to just interpret the plans and strictly following them, using a design-build Ottawa general contractor begets proactivity. Because the general contractor is responsible, there is no one to blame but themselves should something go wrong.

Changes?  If you use a design-build firm you may get charged double.  As it is the design-build company’s job to provide both, they will typically just “make it right” without nickel and diming you.

Turning to Argue as your design-build Ottawa general contractor delivers a smoother development process, savings, and higher quality.


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