Your Ottawa Facility and Your Brand

Argue’s Ottawa Commercial Building Contractors can help you find or create a space that conveys a positive image about your business and aligns with your brand while aligning with your current and future functional needs.

Your facility will make a powerful statement about your business for prospects, customers, and employees. Let’s hope it is a positive one – but your current location may well be dragging you down.The quality of your facility isn’t just a matter of what you can afford, often the question becomes – can I afford to lose business because of my location and what is my facility doing to my employees’ productivity?

If your business regularly deals with customers face-to-face in your facility, what yoru space says about you is obviously of utmost importance. But if you don’t have customers, that doesn’t give you license to not care.  Employees, suppliers, and even yourself will be effected – good or bad – by your space.  We’ve seen a general malaise over businesses simply because of inadequate space. . Your business facility should not be a demotivator!

And if you are in an Ottawa facility that runs counter to your culture, that can be just as damaging as making a bad impression.  If you need your employees to focus, give them the right space.  If they need a creative environment, don’t put them in a white room with no stimuli.

And ask yourself – beyond image – what kind of price point are your products and services.  If I am paying Four Seasons prices, I don’t want to walk into a dump.  But if I, as a potential customer, see your product/service as a commodity, I will not want to see a lot of extravagance and overhead.

Be aware of who your and your business are – and make sure your facility is an extension of that.


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