Have you been on the hunt for the best business or project management book? Check out these 3 PM) books when you’re looking for something to read in your spare time!

1.Collaboration Tools for Project Managers

There are so many collaboration tools on the market that it might be hard to pick. This book goes over how to choose, set up and use the tools with your team. It lays out the principles for choosing each tool and which one will be the best fit for your construction team. 

2.Strategic Project Portfolio Management 

This is an older book, but definitely a good one to check out! This book is a great primer on how to have a productive organization. It is highly practical and filled with expert tips that you can apply to your construction firm.

3.Thriving on the Edge of Chaos

Not all the tips and tricks in this book can be used on every project, however there’s a ton of goof info in here that you can adapt to your construction projects. It’s a great book for leaders that take care of similar projects over and over.

Have any other book recommendations for project managers! Let us know or contact us to find out how our project managers can help you with your Ottawa construction project.