One significant way to measure the success of a commercial construction project (and the company carrying out that project) is the ability of the project to be completed according to schedule. Inability to meet deadlines can be an indication of a company’s lack of proper project management, and carry forward into the future. To avoid this outcome, here are a few ways that practical planning and smart choices can keep your project on schedule.

Being Prepared

It sounds simple, but having a game plan thoroughly thought out can go a long way over the course of a construction project. This can involve things like obtaining the proper permits, scheduling inspections, and considering any possible roadblocks beforehand and factoring them into the timeline of the job. 

Teamwork and Communication

Clear communication channels between all parties involved is essential to the productivity and efficiency of the project. A free flow of ideas and thoughts will also help to avoid mistakes or accidents that can cause delays, which can lead to an inability to meet the deadline. Along with proper communication, each person involved has to be a team player to enable one another to do the best job possible. The relationship between the contractor and the designer in particular is crucial to the evolution of the project- if they are able to deal with issues quickly and work in tandem, the job will likely stay on task and on time!

Assessing Materials

Estimating the amount of materials needed and the cost to acquire the materials is a big task. Add on to this task the scheduling aspects including the time it will take to process the order and acquire the goods, as well as any potential delays if the material is in high demand or out of stock. Being aware of these potential scenarios and planning them into the timeline, as well as having a backup plan in alternative methods and materials, can save you tons of lost time waiting for materials had you not planned for it!