Project management in the construction industry is so important, so having a tool that can help you keep organized can help greatly. There are plenty of tools on the market, but here are 4 that could help you!


This tool is used amongst a variety of construction professionals. This programs gives you the tools to complete projects quickly, and reduce errors. There are a ton of features in this tool that can help you, including bidding, pre sale and to do lists. 

2.Plan Grid

This tool offers project managers the option to add drawings, photos and specific project docs. Data is synced across for the whole team which makes the tool seamless and great for larger teams. You can also create job site reports through the tool which can simplify the process for you.

3.Field Wire

This tool lets engineers and foreman collaborate through sharing blueprints and files. You can access everything added to the application through the cloud, which makes it easy to use ont he go. 

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