General Knowledge

Commercial building project management is a title given to someone who is responsible for looking over everything to do with a construction project. A major amount of construction projects are covered by commercial buildings. The manager also has to formulate the plan for the projects. So that means he often works with the engineers and architects as well as everybody else involved in the building process. The overall responsibilities of the management are planning, hiring, firing, and supervising employees.


It is also important to know when it is needed because smaller projects like cleaning or painting are not as complex as say building the frame of a warehouse. Yes it is true that everything needs planning but on a project management scale some things become more of details then projects. A way of having a good idea if any level of project management is required is by knowing how many people are going to need to be coordinated on the project. A good rule of thumb is if it is more than you can count on your hands that you should hire someone. With that many people there is probably a good amount of scheduling issues and other things that will come up that can be handled easily with a project manager in place.

There are a lot of times when you can see commercial building project management. When looking at any commercial building you can think about how much effort went into it and a good amount of that effort is contributed by the management.


One of the reasons it’s so important to have these levels of projects managed is because of how complex they get. The amount of people to construct any size of commercial building is enough to warrant management but when adding in all the planning aspects, it comes out to be a very big task. Some examples of things that need to be done so a construction project can happen are, sourcing products, sourcing employees of all different skills, planning payment, playing work schedules and much more. So having these management positions in place to make sure everything gets done well and smoothly.