While it’s really easy and convenient to shop online, it still can’t beat the ability of standard brick-and-mortar stores being able to offer their customers things like a fitting room to try on clothes right then and there, customer service from on-hand sales representatives, and feeling the quality of the items you are thinking about purchasing. That being said, you want to make sure you offer your customers the best possible experience when visiting your retail store. If you feel like your store is outdated or in need of a face-lift, here are a few things you should focus on to make improvements. 

The Storefront

The visual street appeal of a storefront is something that many store owners fail to take advantage of. Consider things like window displays, flashy digital signs, and sidewalk sale signs and merchandise to attract as much foot traffic as possible. 

The Entrance

Once your customer walks in the front door, they should get a sense of welcome and comfort. Simple things such as the right lighting, wall colour, and placement of merchandise stands goes a long way. Another thing you may want to consider is making it easy for your customer to navigate your store from the second they walk in. Things like specific retail sections and big bold signs that are easy to read and see will help guide your customer through different sections, and create a path for them to work their way around your store.

The Checkout 

Location of your cash registers is key. By placing the checkout at the back area of your store, you “force” your customers to walk through the entire space, passing through sections and merchandise they may have otherwise not seen. By doing this, you ensure that customers see most, if not all, of what you offer rather than just the products they went in to seek out.

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