Unrecognizable owner going through reports with two workers in a warehouse.

Construction planning and scheduling can be complex tasks to take on. There are so many moving parts to schedule that it can be a challenge and people can deal with obstacles. Some of these most common obstacles are:

Poor Communication: Poor communication in the construction industry is a major issue and can create budget issues. Great communication is one of the best skills a project manager can have in the construction industry.

Unrealistic budget: Giving over budget has become a very common issue amongst construction projects. It’s the project manager’s job to do research on price and give the client a realistic budget.

Inadequate employee training: The construction industry continues to grow, which means new employees need to be trained properly in order for projects to go smoothly. Lack of certain skills and knowledge can set projects back.

Failure to adopt new industry tech: Efficiency improving tools are starting to become more widely used within the construction industry. These tools have been made to simplify processes, so not adopting them into the industry could cause timeline issues. 

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