Personal contracting is when there is a single contractor doing all the work needed to complete. General contracting is when there is a contractor who organizes and finds multiple other contractors to come in and do the work.

Pros and Cons of Using a Personal Contractor

To start off with some pros, when using a personal contractor you only ever need to deal with one person so contacting them is easy and figuring out any details normally works out faster because you don’t need to contact multiple people. This means that it is normally less expensive because you are only paying for one person’s service. Also knowing that only one person is working on your project can tend to put your mind at ease because it is easier to trust one person than a whole group of workers.

Cons that may occur while dealing with a personal contractor, speed is a very important factor when it comes to renovations, building/designing and anything that requires a contractor. So only having one person on the job at all times can lead to the project taking a lot longer than say with a General contractor where multiple workers can be on the scene all at once. Also quality of work can sometimes slack when you only have one person working instead of multiple people.

Pros and Cons of Using a General Contractor

Pros of going with a general contractor can be having multiple people work on the project which can result in: higher quality work, faster work and bigger projects can be accomplished. You can also have all different types of specialists on the job site which will make the end product much better. When working with a good contractor it is very easy to communicate with them and get everything done and keep it all organized which is a big pro because having multiple workers organized results in quick and quality work.

Cons of having a general contractor mostly stem from having a bad contractor. That can result in awful organization which then leads to poorly done work, slow work done and over paying for bad work. Payment can also be viewed as a con because it is natural for it to be a lot more expensive to pay for a general contractor to come in because you will be paying multiple peoples jobs.


When making the final decision it is always best to go with what you are looking for and what meets your own personal needs as the client. Don’t just rely on reviews and references when making the final decision on your contact.